As we have continued the testing and verification steps prior to flight, we have found a number of small adjustments that needed to be made. Primarily the responsiveness and ease of movement in the control surfaces has been greatly improved. We also opted to replace the center-stick control with the wheel style yoke originally planned for E011TL. This caused us to modify the dash layout slightly, moving the throttle assembly upwards to allow more legroom and freedom of movement for the yoke. We’ll post a few pictures soon. Additionally, we have some minor surface cloth repair to do before completing the paint due to our modifications.

Once these steps are completed, we will be ready once again for high-speed taxi test and if no issues arise we can finally fly!

Our secondary (and not very likely) “soft” goal is to fly E011TL to the EAA Chapter meeting in Champaign/Urbana Illinois on July 23rd, 2022. However, the more realistic and primary goal is to go to the fly-in scheduled for September 15-17th 2022 at Posy Patch/Tri-State Kite Sales in Mt. Vernon, IN.

We look forward to posting more updates and eventually even videos of E011TL as we continue to make progress.

Fine Tuning, and Minor Changes …

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