We have hit a major roadblock in the forward momentum with E011TL Ultralight. We were informed that the grass airstrip at the old private airport we used last year is no longer available as it has been converted to a hay field now. Additionally, our backup location is no longer available as the property owner has passed away causing the property to be sold, and that grass airship is also a field now. We have looked in our FlightAware software and Google Maps and located a few other grass airships near us, but they have also been decommissioned in the past few years and converted to use as fields.

We do have the option to go to our local municipal airport as it is not “towered” and is “ultralight friendly”. This is not an appropriate location for the extensive testing that we need to do and would be limited to “normal” use after we have the plane flying well.

We are looking into the land around us to see if there are any non-airfield grass strips or long paved private drives we could get permission to use that would be suitable for the testing process. It is not going well at this time.

Major “Roadblock” In Progress

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