We are currently going over the entire ultralight in preparation for covering with Dacron. We are checking every rivet, bolt, gusset, and control linkage. There is not a lot visually different from the last update, so no pics of the plane this time.

As can be seen in the images below, the flight electronic devices are ready to go. We will be using a Yeasu FTA-550 radio, a push to talk button, a Rugged Air headset, a BlackWeb Bluetooth adapter (internal mic replaced by input cable), all passing through a Flightcom II-SX Intercom. We have two iPhones that have dash mounts (see dash pics in earlier posts). One of these will run A-EFIS Black and White, while the other is for ForeFlight/Calls/Music using the Bluetooth adapter on the aux input of the Flightcom. We have no need/intention of using the “co-pilot” headset ports on the intercom, but needed it for the Aux in/out.

August 9th Update & Electronic List

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