Completion of the Tango-Lima-Seven-Eight has been delayed up to two weeks due to a few unforeseen circumstances resulting from an earlier build-time event. At one point, TL78 fell onto the ground while mocking up the landing gear due to a failed clamp, resulting in damage unidentified until today. The prop shaft had been bent slightly off center when the fall occurred and needed replaced. We also had a failed ignition (CDI) system, and just got the replacement installed. We will be moving to a two ignition system shortly for added safety. We also identified that the balance while on the landing gear is to far back causing a front-heavy stature. The tail wheel assembly additionally needs added support/structure to prevent “squashing” under my weight while in the plane, apparently I myself am not an ultralight, oops.

We should return to the plans to wrap and complete Tango-Lima-Seven-Eight as soon as these repairs are made, with a likely test procedure starting next week-end.

Delayed Completion

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