We have taken the next step in the creation of Tango-Lima-Seven-Eight. We have removed the engine from our donor snowmobile. We then tore the engine down and inspected it thoroughly. We discovered that the engine had a broken piston skirt, but this is no issue since we had already planned to fully rebuild the engine and carburetors. Otherwise, everything looks good. The engine and carburetor rebuild kits have been ordered, along with a handful of other parts and tools required for the build. The required tool to remove the primary clutch should be here in a few days, as I don’t currently have a puller that will work. The engine has shed about 20 pounds of weight by removing the unnecessary components and mounts that we won’t be using on the plane. We will also give the engine a fresh coat of paint after completion of the rebuild. Keep watching this site for the finished engine pictures!

Engine Removal from Donor Sled

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