We have received the official registration information for the ultralight. Tango-Lima-Seven-Eight is now officially E011TL, or One-One-Tango-Lima for short. The information on this site will be updated to reflect the change. We will be moving the site to the new web address www.e011tl.com, but www.tl78.online will continue to work for a short time while everyone updates their links and shortcuts.

Due to the onset of windy and cooler weather as fall takes hold, our progress and testing of One-One-Tango-Lima will be slowed greatly. We look forward to having upgrades and enhancements completed for a spring-time ramp up again. Keep your eye on the site for the occasional updates.

We look forward to joining in on the fun of local fly-ins in 2022, once the flight testing has been completed.

October 11th, 2021 Update

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