Wind has prevented any ground or flight testing the past few days, but we used this to our advantage. We have nearly completed the cowling, finished the storage area in the tail behind the fuel tank, completed permanent installation of the fuel gage on the dash and the sending unit in the tank, finished the wheel brake installation, and painted inside the tail and cone behind the pilot’s head (still shown before painting in the attached pics). The cone is hinged, allowing access to the storage and fuel tank. We picked up an ultralight flight helmet and got our headset attached so it is ready for use.

We have recently applied for EEA registration, under FAR PART-103 rules, for an ultralight tail number. this is the number that will be both printed on the tail of the plane and used for identification over the radio, replacing “tango-lima-seven-eight” as the call-sign. We will update the site with this information after receiving the newly assigned registration number. The web-site will remain at the address, however. We *may* create a different YouTube page based on this new tail number instead of using the “tango-lima-seven-eight” one originally created, but the video page and any links on this site will automatically be refreshed and updated as needed, so videos can be found from this site easily regardless of any changes to our YouTube channel.

We hope that Tuesday afternoon’s weather will allow for the testing, as the weather at 55IS airstrip is predicted to be ideal in both temperatures and windspeed. If this indeed turns out well and testing is successful, we plan to take part in the “World Ultralight Fly-In”, a virtual fly-in where ultralights all fly on October 9th-10th, as seen here. Any testing or flying will result in both pictures and video that will be posted on this site and the accompanying YouTube page.

Sunday Sept. 26th Update

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